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Experience Matters

When it comes to knowing what will work in any given situation experience and knowledge make a difference. Robin Hill has over 40 years ‘hands on’ working in the drilling industry and that makes the difference. With a diverse career covering a range of drilling including RC, Mud Rotary, DHH, Waterwell, offshore oilfield, exploration and drilling on land gives Robin an unrivalled understanding and ability to solve drilling issues. 


Our wide-ranging  and diverse client base includes  mineral exploration drillers,  water well drillers, horizontal and directional drillers, oil and gas companies, piling, construction and fencing contractors in locations throughout Australia as well as overseas.


We supply anything and everything in the way of Drilling Equipment from Tricone Bits, PDC Drill Bits, Down Hole  Hammers & Hammer Bits, Drill Pipe, Cross Over Subs and specially built Stabilisers, Hole Openers, Bottom Hole Assemblies and other Drilling Tools for operators of every type of drilling.

Surplus Equipment Brokers provide Drilling Equipment for all sectors of the drilling industry.  Specialising in surplus, reconditioned and new drilling equipment.

Based in Perth Western Australia (currently Monday 08:37 am) we can supply equipment locally as well as across Australia and International customers.

Our stock changes constantly so please contact us  with your requirements. Our prices are competitive and less than you might expect to pay. The more you buy the better the deal.

We are sometimes interested in purchasing second hand or surplus drilling equipment and can also sell your unwanted drilling equipment for you on a consignment basis.

Can We Help?

We know that rigs & their crews don’t work office hours and understand that situations can arise at any time so our commitment is to assist our clients as quickly as possible and limit the costly down time for all concerned.

If is is URGENT contact us at any time by phone.

Our usual working hours are 8.30am to 4pm Monday to Friday Perth time, or by  appointment. Unless stated prices are always quoted in Australian Dollars.

Surplus Equipment Brokers Drilling Equipment Sales

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All equipment is offered and sold ‘second hand’ on an ‘as is where is’ basis, ex our premises in Perth Western Australia. Golds sold within Australia are subject to GST.

Goods exported from Australia within 60 days are exempt from GST.